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How are the tours created?
Tours are created automatically using the photos and listing information from the MLS. This information will be used to generate a virtual tour within one hour of the listing being entered into the MLS.
I made changes to the listing, how do I apply them to the tour?
Any changes made in the MLS will be automatically reflected by Property Panorama within one hour of the change being submitted. The InstaView Portfolio remains in-sync with the MLS at all times.
I created the listing, but there is no virtual tour?

Many MLSs have settings that may prevent an InstaView Virtual Tour from being automatically creating.

To assure the creation of an InstaView Virtual Tour, ensure the following fields in the MLS are set to YES: (please note: Each MLS is different and not all of these fields will apply to you)

  • IDX
  • Create Automatic Virtual Tour
  • Internet
  • Include Auto-Slideshow

*Please note Property Panorama will automatically update any adjustments made to the MLS approximately one hour following their submission.

Is there a minimum photo requirement?
Property Panorama will generate a virtual tour for any listing in the MLS that has five or more photos. Once at least five photos have been added to the listing, an InstaView Virtual Tour will be generated within one hour.
How do I download a CD/DVD video file for keepsake?

You can download an MP4 video file of the InstaView virtual tour by navigating to:

  1. Select My Tours from your left-hand navigation
  2. Click Linking Page on the respective listing
  3. Right-click directly on the verbiage CD/DVD/Podcast Tour
  4. Select Save Image As -or- Save Target As

This will allow you to download the MP4 video file of the InstaView virtual tour to your computer, which you can then create a CD, DVD, or even upload to your personal channel.

What is Property Panorama’s preferred browser?
The InstaView Portfolio is compatible with all popular web browsers. However, for the best user experience, Property Panorama recommends Google Chrome as our browser of choice.
How do I change my profile picture and company logo?
From any page within the Property Panorama Member’s Area, you can change your Profile Picture and/or Company Logo by clicking on the respective images found on the top left of the page. Once you have clicked one of the images, you will click BROWSE and select the image from your computer’s directory you would like to upload.

Alternatively, these pages can be found by clicking:
How do I change my phone number being displayed on the virtual tour?

You can change the phone number being displayed on the InstaView virtual tour by selecting ACCOUNT from the left-hand navigation bar.

*Please note the Primary checkbox must be selected to ensure the number you wish to have displayed is done so accordingly

Where can I find my Virtual Tour links?
You can access the InstaView Virtual Tour links by selecting the Linking Page located on the right-hand side of the respective listing.
How do I syndicate to submission is now FREE to all Enhanced InstaView Members.

Enhanced InstaView members can submit their Enhanced Branded InstaView Virtual Tours at no additional charge within their Property Panorama account by:

  1. Select My Tours from the left-hand navigation
  2. Click Linking Page on the right-hand side of the respective listing
  3. Click Submit Link in the section
How do I syndicate to Social Media Sites?

Manual Sharing:
You can share your Virtual Tour, Flyer, or Video manually on a per listing basis to the following sites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Stumble Upon
  • Tumblr

On the Linking Page, go to the section of the product you wish to share. Then just click on the icon of the social media site you wish to share to.

Automated Syndication:
You can automatically syndicate all your listings to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube by adjusting your global Syndication settings in the Settings section or on a per listing basis at the bottom of the Linking Page.

How do I submit the tour to YouTube?

Within 48 hours of the Virtual Tour being created, Property Panorama will automatically generate and upload a property video to YouTube. Once available, the videos can be found by searching the MLS# or Address in YouTube.

You can Opt In or Out of YouTube Syndication on a Per Listing basis from the LINKING PAGE, or for the entire account from the SETTINGS page.

I recorded my own personal video of the property, how can I attach it to the Virtual Tour?

You can add personal property videos to the Branded InstaView Virtual Tour from the LINKING PAGE of the respective listing.

First, you will need to upload the video to your own personal YouTube channel. Once uploaded, you will input the video’s URL link into the YourVideo field near the bottom of the LINKING PAGE.

Please note this will NOT remove the automatically generated video from YouTube, but but rather replace the embedded video on the Branded Virtual Tour.

How do I upload additional photos?

You can upload additional photos to an InstaView Virtual Tour by navigating to:

  1. Select Tours from your left-hand navigation
  2. Click Tour Manager of the respective listing
  3. Click the Photos menu item across the top
  4. Click Upload
  5. Accept the end user agreement
  6. Click +Add Files
  7. Select the photos you wish to upload from your computer’s directory
  8. Click Start Upload*

Once the photos have uploaded, you will be returned to the PHOTOS tab where you can order and edit the photos uploaded directly into our system.

*Please note if you are attempting to stitch photos into panoramic views you will need to ensure the checkbox labeled Stitch these photos into panoramas is selected.

How do I change the music?

To change the music selection on your Enhanced InstaView Virtual Tours:

  1. Click TOUR MANAGER located on the right-hand side of the respective listing
  2. Click AUDIO located above your Photos or from your left-hand navigation
  3. Select your desired music selection from the drop down menu
How do I view my leads and lead settings?

Agents can view/edit their leads and/or lead settings by selecting LEADS located in the TOURS section of their Property Panorama account.

From this page, you can view all of your current and past leads, as well as adjust the settings for your lead generation.

How many people have viewed my tours?
You can access per listing and overall statistics for your InstaView Portfolio by clicking STATISTICS from the left-navigation of the Tours section.
How do I view⁄change my current subscription?
You can view and edit your current subscriptions from the BILLING page.
What is the cost of the InstaView Portfolio?
For the specific pricing within your MLS, please contact one of our Customer Service Specialists directly, or visit the BILLING section of your Property Panorama account.
What is the difference between Branded and Unbranded?
Branded Tours will display the agent’s profile picture, company logo and contact information. These tours also include tabs such as Maps, Schools, Loan Calculator, Share, the Virtual Flyer, and the embedded YouTube Video, as well as the custom Virtual Tour Themes created in TOUR MANAGER.

Unbranded Tours are used on the MLS and display only the photos and property description in order to remain MLS and IDX compliant pertaining to advertisement.
Is there a photo limit on the InstaView Portfolio?
No, the Enhanced InstaView Portfolio allows for unlimited additional photos and panoramas.
Why does my tour only display five photos?
As a member benefit of certain MLSs, Property Panorama will automatically generate the InstaView Lite, free of charge. The InstaView Lite will display the first five images from the MLS in an Unbranded Virtual Tour. Users with the InstaView Lite can upgrade to the Fully Enhanced InstaView Portfolio from the BILLING section of their Property Panorama account.
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